Using Online Scrapbooks For Positive Attention

Recently sent a wonderful thank-you present to all their UNITED STATE based writers. They had coffee cups developed with their name as well as logo on them then shipped them out all over the U.S.A.

I was so thrilled to obtain my coffee cup. While I do not drink coffee, I drink hot tea day-to-day as well as have actually already used the cup for numerous cups of tea at my desk.

Chris Knight, the proprietor of, asked the writers that got cups to consider sending out in an image of themselves holding their new mug. My photo has currently been sent out.

While Chris has put a few photos of writers in his blog site, I’m wishing he’ll also consider developing an on-line scrapbook of those writers which submit short articles to him regularly, holding their brand-new coffee mugs.

What a fantastic method for Chris to develop favorable power among the several writers. I have actually reviewed several articles from many wonderful writers. I would enjoy a link to their image in a scrapbook of authors as well as their coffee cups. There is not an additional article directory site around with an online scrapbook. Exactly how could Chris go wrong with photo after picture of pleased authors holding a wonderful gift from Chris himself?

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