Scrapbooking Suggestion & Techniques: Produce Cute Split Bears

How many of you like those cute little tear bears you see on cards, tags, scrapbook designs as well as other papercraft jobs? Tear bears are not as complicated as most people believe. It’s Easy as 1 … 2 … 3 …


1. Make use of a pencil to draw out a simple pattern on an item of mulberry paper (straightforward patters can be discovered in colouring publications and paper piecing publications or even on-line).

The tearing along the slim wet lines will certainly cause the mulberry paper to become unclear, but that is alright due to the fact that you will certainly desire your bear unclear (you can make a tear pup, elephant, frog and so on., the tear bear technique could be used to most various other basic paper piecing jobs).

3. After each piece is completely dry, make use of small amounts of sticky to place your tear bear or tear critter together.


1. Usage pop dots for the nostrils, paws and also ears to produce a special effect.

2. Use chalk in the ears and on the cheeks.

3. As opposed to fussing with a small little white facilities for the eyes, use a quality white gel pen instead.

4. The thicker the paper, the fuzzier the bear- attempt other variations of hand made paper.

For an actually cute tear bear, it’s all about the ‘specifics’. Include a little bow or flower at the top of it’s head, possibly make a set of paper overall’s or even a baseball cap or hood.

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