Scrapbooking Suggestion – Taking Scrap-Worthy Photos

A lot of us take photos of our trips or unique events to protect the memory.

Today, I would like to share a couple of pointers that I have found practical and make great pictures to add to scrapbook web pages. I am no expert … these are just some ideas that have actually benefited me.

1) Attempt to capture those candid moments … the children interacting with others, a homecoming welcome of a close friends or member of the family, faces of those experiencing the appeal of nature …

2) When taking shots of scenic views with others in the picture, have the topics either to the right or left in your sight finder instead of filling in front of the sight.

I keep in mind taking shots of our impressive desserts from Luck 3 in NYC (we purchased 3 so we could discuss and example all of them). I then took an additional shot of the empty recipes as we completed.

4) I find that I take way way too many shots of the same scene! Be mindful of that.

5) If the citizens are willing, take pictures of and/or with them. I took images of my little girls presenting with among New york city City’s finest, the hot dog vendor on Commercial, the transformation musician in Macy’s, the road vendors in Chinatown, as well as the bakers in the Buttercup Bake Store.

I wish these ideas offer you a couple of concepts for your next holiday. Keep in mind, an image deserves a thousand words!

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