Scrapbooking Paper: 5 Concepts for Your Leftovers

If there’s a single thing I have a lots of around my scrapbooking space, it’s remaining pieces of scrapbooking paper. From vibrantly colored patterned paper to fundamental cardstock, each and every scrapbook format I produce generates at least a couple of little leftovers.

The majority of scrapbookers are thrifty kinds, and also the idea of throwing, and even reusing, all those little gems is enough making us break out in a sweat. Never worry! Below are 5 creative ideas for utilizing remaining scrapbooking paper of all dimensions:

1. Decoupage. When I was in elementary school, we were dealt with to a mix of cells paper as well as Elmer’s adhesive and informed to cover everything from old bottle to votive candles candle light holders. I can not claim the outcomes were particularly attractive, but it did maintain us hectic! Currently, you can take the same technique with your remaining patterned paper and also cardstock, integrating them with a craft adhesive like Aleene’s or ModPodge. I’ve had terrific success with covering wood items, like frames, as well as laptop covers, pencils, as well as more.

I have yet to fulfill the little gal which doesn’t enjoy paper dolls! My small paper stash is paradise for my six-year-old, that enjoys to develop outfits for her paper households. You could even develop paper dolls to include to your scrapbook pages, too.

I like destroying up equal-sized covers of a selection of documents as well as binding them with my Bind-It-All or with binder rings right into tiny notebooks, journals, or scrapbooks. These make great presents, or you can just place one following to the telephone to catch all those names as well as numbers that often tend to drift off into oblivion.

Stars, arrowheads, hearts, and flowers are great additions to practically any kind of motif scrapbook design. I typically pre-punch forms in a variety of dimensions to have on hand, as well as after that keep them in an envelope for future usage. Note: This is a fantastic activity for little hands that want to “help” you scrapbook!

In sewing, an applique is a patch of material that is attached to the surface of the main thing being embellished. A reverse applique is where the surface area of the major product is cut, as well as the embellishing material is sewed underneath, as a support. The same strategy can be made use of in scrapbooking; you could punch or reduce out a location of your major web page, as well as back the poor shape with patterned paper or a contrasting shade of cardstock.

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